Please move on …

… there is really nothing to see here. I used to blog here some time ago. But no longer. While technology in general and building things based on the internet in particular are passion and profession at the same time for me, I rarely feel the urge to contribute to the vast amount of noise already out there. Every now and then I do share some snapshots I took (mainly during travel). Like 2 times a year or so.

On the other hand, some people will inevitable end up here. At least as my email address reveals this domain and people might be curious if there is something to see here. And since a blank page, a 404 or some „Under Construction“ message do not live up to what I would expect here, I’ve created this page. Essentially linking to or aggregating from other places where I might share something.


So, every now and then I do share a snapshot on Unsplash, Flickr or Instagram. Nothing special and certainly without any spohistication. But sometimes things do work out by accident. One of my photos was even featured in the editorial feed of Unsplash and accumulated a couple of views and downloads. Can’t help, but his made me a little proud.


Since 2015, I’m working as CTO for esome advertising technologies in Hamburg. In case you’re here to connect on a professional level, of course I do have profiles on Xing and LinkedIn. I try to keep them up to date.

For some application I sent out a while ago, I tried to sum up who I am from a professional perspective. This still stands, so in the spirit of recycling things that exist anyways for this page, let me just quote this here:

Stefan Wiegreffe

Based on a strong engineering background, ten years ago I started to move gradually into a leadership role, bringing together business, product management and technology. In that role I provide consulting to internal and external customers, work with technical and non-technical stakeholders on all levels and help teams to deliver solutions for complex business requirements.

I see myself as a loyal servant leader who loves to challenge the status quo and thinks out of the box, constantly striving to optimize my environment. I value teamwork and collaboration over individual achievements, actions over words and I love to work with people who share this mindset.


  1. Actually, the oldest capture of this site at dates back to March 2001.
  2. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of reasonable stuff out there. I just don't think that I can add significantly more reasonable stuff.